Automobiles and especially racing were the most important things to me for a long time. Since I was a child, I had the opportunity to follow my father Pertti Kurki-Suonio´s racing career. In 1996 he gave us children a chance to start racing ourselves.

For almost twenty years, motorsport was the most important thing in my life. I invested in my racing career with a real passion: studied and practiced car technology, seeked sponsorships and funding, used all my free time to keep myself fit and repaired or rebuilded racecars.

I made the decision to leave from the world of motorsport in 2011 after my last season in Formula Student series. My intuition said it was time to do something else and get experience from other areas of life. After quitting Ihad the opportunity to start as a journalist and a car tester at Tekniikan Maailma, which is Finland´s leading automobile magazine and the biggest all-around technology magazine in Scandinavia.

It´s hard to summarize my racing history in a few of sentences, so please contact me, I am willing to tell you more, even the whole story in person. Please read also the extended version of my motorsport history from here.