About me

I have grown up as a firstborn child in an entrepreneur family where car´s and especially motorsport has been present daily. My passion for cars and technology spans from the early age of 6 when I started racing.

I have been racing on national and international levels with go-karts, open wheel formulas and saloon cars which has given me an active attitude for life and work.

My goal is to continuously develop myself, both personally and professionally. I am a creative, ambitious and hard-working individualist and always ready for new challenges in order to learn new things.

I am trying to look at the world and points from a different perspective than others and my dream is to create something new and diverse. Learning new things from others is very important to me but simultaneously I am striving to fulfill myself in my own way.

Meeting new people brings new content and different points of view to my life; when co-operating with new acquaintances it is possible to increase your know-how and improve your way of thinking more creative and variously.

Reading, writing and different kinds of sport activities are my way to clear the mind after hard working. I enjoy dancing, yoga, jogging, climbing and hiking and in the winter I also cross country ski. I feel most relaxed and calm when I am in the nature.

While working I prefer challenges and new opportunities but for balance I choose and respect a smooth lifestyle on my freetime. When facing new challenges and difficult assignments in a good pace I feel most efficient and comfortable.